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Debriefing and dialogue for professionals 

“You need to get people into a room, to look in each other’s eyes to fight for a solution.”

And that’s what we did. On Monday November 28, KlimaatPositief and The Hague Humanity Hub organized a cross-sectoral event to reflect on the outcomes of UN Climate Change Conference #COP27. The event provided insights as well as a space for dialogue and connection to translate these insights into action.

Expert panel

We welcomed a group of experts who participated in COP27, each in a different role. Together they reflected on the results of the conference and shared stories from the event. We welcomed the following panelists:

  • Bastiaan Hassing, Head of Delegation of The Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UNFCCC;
  • Marlene Achoki, Global Policy Co-Lead, Climate Justice, at CARE Climate Justice Center;
  • Stientje van Veldhoven, Vice President and Regional Director for Europe, World Resources Institute;
  • Laura de Vries, board member, Youth Climate Movement (Jonge Klimaatbeweging).

After the plenary debrief, participants split up into groups to discuss climate action from four different lenses. The groups discussed locally led action, integrating climate action at work, conflict sensitivity, and stakeholder engagement.

A full event report has been shared with over 80 participants from across sectors.

“We are entering a decade of urgent action. Each and every one should think about what they can do in terms of climate action.”

The value of meeting in-person

It was clear to all that the debrief brought much needed interaction, cross-sectoral learning, networking and inspiration. Are you looking to organise an event of your own? Contact us to see how KlimaatPositief can be of help!

COP27 debrief in The Hague, 28 November 2022